Inter County Scholastic Hockey League (ICSHL)

Inter-County Scholastic Hockey League

PA Act 15 (2015) Background Clearance

The Commwealth of Pennsylvania has amended Act 153 (2014) for screening of coaches and volunteers, and replaced it with Act 15 (2015). 

All coaches, managers, volunteers with regular contact with players must complete the state-required screening process.

See Downloads below:



PA Act 15 (2015) Summary and Links

Affidavit-Exemption from FBI (fingerprint) Check

Full Text of Act 15 (2015)

2014-2015 Season moved to Archives

2015-2016 Declaration Forms

Team Declarations for 2015-2016 season are due June 1st.

ICSHL League Meeting

Next League Meeting

  • Tuesday, September 8th

  • 7:00PM at IceLine

Mandatory Coaches Meeting

All ICSHL coaches are required to attend.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 7pm at IceWorks.

Level 4 CEP Clinic

Additional Level 4 Coaching Clinic will be held July 25-26, Crown Plaza Hotel, Jamesburg, NJ

Coaches can register online at



click for 2015 Flyers Cup site

Varsity Champions


    WC Bayard Rustin


    Haverford High

PCL Blue

    Father Judge

Girls Varsity

    Bishop Shanahan

JV Showcase

Congratulations, Champions

President's Cup

Saint Josephs Prep Red

Vince Sammartino Cup

Roman Catholic

Greg Dugan Cup

Bayard Rustin




Scoresheet Labels

Player signatures are not required on ICSHL game scoresheets for 2015-2016.

Printed scoresheet labels are required:

  • players in numerical order;
  • labels on each scoresheet page;
  • scratch out any player printed on the label who is not playing on each scoresheet page;
  • starting and backup goaltenders entered in the goaltending section;
  • all coaches' CEP #'s entered on the scoresheet.