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Scoresheet Labels are required... see download section below!

Rosters Due (received as of 10/23)

ICSHL Roster workbooks are due before a club's first game (varsity, JV or GV) at any level, with enough lead time to get them reviewed and uploaded at Pointstreak.

Roster submittal status shown in PDF:


Varsity Schedule changes 9/30

Team Calendars have been moved in the web site:

League Resources > 2014-2015 Season > Schedule PDF's

The Pointstreak database (not the Calendar) is the official schedule in every case.

Bayard Rustin dropped their Girls team 10/3/14. This required major changes to the Girls Varsity schedules. All Girls teams should review the Team Calendars and the web site schedules, which are officially updated for this change.


Player signatures are not required on ICSHL game scoresheets for 2014-2015.

Printed scoresheet labels are required:

  • players in numerical order;
  • labels on each scoresheet page;
  • scratch out any player printed on the label who is not playing on each scoresheet page;
  • starting and backup goaltedners entered in the goaltending section;
  • all coaches' CEP #'s entered on the scoresheet.


2014-2015 Forms

go to League Resources > 2014-2105 Season


none yet  9/30/14...


Next ICSHL League Meeting

Tuesday January 27, 2015,

7:00pm at IceLine.


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use FULL STATS for schedules, JV Pool standings, scoring and goaltending leaders.

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